Tuesday 14 August 2007

Banff & Lake Louise, Alberta

I drove from Kamloops to Lake Louise Saturday morning, arriving early afternoon. Hiked to the top of Mount Fairview.

Views from the top

Mount Fairview

Camped at the Tunnel Mountain campground

Sunday morning I did a fast hike up to Cory Pass and pretty much ran the whole way back down so I would be in time to meet up with Cindy.

On the trail looking towards Cory Pass

View from Cory pass

Hoodoos at Cory Pass

Cory Pass

Looking back down the trail

On Monday Cindy & I hiked up to Lake Agnes, then over the saddle of the Big Beehive and on to the Plain of Six Glaciers.

Lake Agnes Tea House up ahead

Lake Agnes

Looking back at the Lake Agnes Tea House

Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House

View from the porch of the Tea House

View of Mt. Victoria

Looking back to Lake Louise

Looking back to Lake Louise

Our campsite at Tunnel Mountain

On Tuesday we hiked up to Cascade Amphitheatre

At Cascade Amphitheatre

Wednesday we drove back to Kamloops.


Emerald Lake Lodge

On trail around Emerald Lake

Main Street Cafe in Revelstoke

Main Street Cafe in Revelstoke