Friday 31 May 2019

Shkodër, day 2

Morning coffee with a local street dog who also was into a little relaxation.

Shkoder town hall

Monument to the victims of the communist regime

Pedestrian area


We tried these pastries with some kind of fig and nut filling - very good!

Typical older apartments

Walking up to the Rozafa Castle

View of Shkoder from the castle

Picturesque cafe bar in town

Thursday 30 May 2019

Travel day to Shkodër, Albania

Today we had a three hour drive with several stops along the way.

Another WWII monument

Climbing up to an abandoned castle ruin pretty much in the middle of nowhere

We had a coffee break in this cute little village on Skader lake

We also visited Stari Bar, an old village and fortress that were badly damaged in an earthquake in 1979. Now the town is a tourist destination.

In an old olive grove

Lunch at Stari Bar

We had an hour wait at the Albanian border. The crossing itself was straightforward. This is our home for the next three nights in Shkoder, Albania. It definitely has an old country vibe!

Around Shkoder

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Podgorica, day 3

Our day in pictures.

Old clock tower

City park

Almost as soon as we went out this morning it began to rain heavily. We ran to the cafe in the Hilton hotel and stayed there for the next few hours while the rain poured down.

Had a couple of these to justify our long stay!

Still raining, so we went for lunch.