Sunday 30 June 2019

Travel day to Kratovo, North Macedonia

Saw a number of stork nests on our drive today

Millstone were cut from the rock in the area near Lesnovo. You can see a few that were never finished.

View from the road to the Lesnovo Monastery

Lesnovo Monastery

Our hotel in Kratovo, North Macedonia

View from our room

We had lunch at a restaurant in the city park

View of Kratovo

Various photos of Kratovo

Saturday 29 June 2019

Strumica, day 2

This morning we hiked up to a monastery and then continued to a hill with some ruins overlooking Prilep.

Restored Ottoman house


View from the trail

The trail to the monastery cut across the hillside


Trail to ruins

Prilep down below

Church of the 15 Holy Martyrs in Prilep

Pedestrian area


Friday 28 June 2019

Travel day to Strumica, North Macedonia

The Stobi archaeological site, formerly a Roman provincial capital

The Holy Mother of God Eleusa Monastery

The view from our apartment in Strumica, North Macedonia

Monument in the main square of Strumica

Municipal offices

We've seen these rigs in the last two towns in North Macedonia. When people get firewood delivered, it comes in one meter lengths. These guys drive around and apparently drum up business to cut the logs into shorter lengths. They park in the street and cut the logs into thirds.


Inside, the mall court area is a fruit & vegetable market

Sunset on the square

Thursday 27 June 2019

Prilep, day 3

A neighbourhood near our apartment

Prilep is a tobacco growing area. We saw curing racks all over town, but this was the only one we saw being used.

Interesting rock formations in the hills surrounding Prilep

Holy Archangels Monastery

St. Dimitri church

Old building

Orthodox church

Old house

Supper at a traditional Macedonian restaurant