Thursday 20 January 2022

Travel day to Tekax, Mexico

We left Valladolid this morning and drove four hours further into the Yucatan interior. Lots of interesting towns & sights along the way.

Guard goat on our walk to the coffee shop this morning.

Driving through the Yucatan we come across references to the cult of the Talking Cross and to the Caste War. 

The cult of the Talking Cross developed in the mid-19th century in the Yucatan Peninsula and helped to unite the rebelling Maya under a new religion that blended Christianity and Maya beliefs.

The Caste War (1847–1901) was a revolt of the indigenous Maya of the Yucatán Peninsula with the goal of establishing an independent Maya state. It seems that the cult of the Talking Cross was a factor in motivating the Maya to revolt.

Iglesia de la Santisima Cruz Tun is a major Talking Cross sight.

The ruined Catholic church at nearby Xocén

They have set up a simple shelter within the ruin and apparently hold services there


The Templo del Santo Niño Jesús in Tihosuco was destroyed in 1866 following a siege by Maya rebels against government forces in the church. The has been partially restored but the entrance façade was never rebuilt in order to remember the war. 

The Caste War Museum in Tihosuco

Outside the museum. A very helpful staff member volunteered to take a photo of us.

A roadside Talking Cross shrine

Church in Sabán

The town of Peto

Small village of Tixcuytún

Our hotel room in Tekax

There weren't a lot options for restaurants in Tekax. This one wasn't bad and we had excellent service!

Shrimp ceviche

The courtyard/pool area at our hotel

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Valladolid, day 7

 We had breakfast here in their garden.

Then we did laundry at our Airbnb. They have a manual washing machine... first you wash in the agitator, then you drain and move the clothes to the spinner.

Random scenes around town

This is a step up from the bicycle version.

Had guacamole & smoothies at this vegan/ vegetarian plsce

Okay, why do they park their VW bugs in such perfect places?

The local mango snack guy... we bought a couple cups a few days ago to add to our salad.

Our favourite coffee shop in Valladolid

We've had a great time here in Valladolid!

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Valladolid, day 6

The backyard at our Airbnb is practically a botanical garden.

The street into the centre of town from our Airbnb

This old tractor is on display as you drive into Valladolid.

Wherever we go we enjoy visiting the cemeteries. It's an interesting aspect of the local culture.

On the main Street into Valladolid

A new coffee shop for us!

Taking a break

A different looking house on the outskirts of town

A shrine of the Virgin Mary was being escorted by police

Valladolid's water tower

Lots of single speed bikes around town

We had supper in this wonderful garden setting.