Saturday 22 February 2020

Mexico City, day 2

We've seen this in a few places in Mexico. The garbage pick-up crews sort through everything they have picked up right on the street. Not a pleasant job!

Our current favourite morning coffee shop

Saturday is flea market day

Fitness class in the park

Jacaranda tree

Green wall on the side of an office building

These are all over Mexico City. Apparently they have been at it for a hundred years.

An Art Deco office building built between 1929 and 1932

Interesting architecture

Iglesia de San Francisco

Dancers on the main square

Catedral Metropolitana

The Palacio de Correos de México, still an operating post office

An Art Nouveau entrance to the Bellas Artes Metro station. The entrance was a 1998 gift from France.

Provide free WiFi the park and this is what you get.

We met up with Andrew, a friend from Victoria, BC and had lunch in Mercado Medellín in our neighbourhood.

Tortilla soup

Chicken mole

Parque México

Interesting building

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