Sunday 1 March 2020

Mexico City, day 10

Our café this morning

We visited the enormous Museo Nacional de Antropología. The centre canopy is supported by a post with a waterfall.

Spent close to 3 hours here

The museum is located in Chapultepec park.

After all that walking, we sampled some pastries at a nearby bakery.

Los Pinos was the official residence of Mexican presidents from 1934 to 2018. The current president chose to live in his own house. The complex is now open to the public.

Very nice grounds

I didn't get a picture of them in action, but when the light turned red, these guys ran into the crosswalk, stood on the very top of step ladders and juggled lit torches for the entertainment of the stopped traffic. Quite the gig!

You have to watch your step!

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