Friday 26 August 2016

Day hike from Vratsa, Bulgaria

We were in Vratsa for two full days. The first day we went on a day hike in the nearby Vrachanski Balkan Nature Reserve. Our hike started with a walk to the nearby village of Zgorigrad. From there a trail went to seasonal waterfall. At this time of year the creek was already dry. The trail, known as the Vrachanski Ecotrail, had been built in 1999 included a lot of wooden stairs, ladders, and walkways to get over otherwise difficult hiking terrain. From the top of the waterfall the trail went through forests and meadows. Along the way we were stalked by sheep dogs, lost the trail a number of times, and eventually followed a very steep direct trail back to civilization (which amounted to sliding down a gully for and hour and a half). Our reward was supper at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant surrounded by the mountains.

Cliffs outside of Vratsa



Farmstead in the middle of nowhere. When we got close, the sheep dogs started barking and then continued to follow us for at least a kilometer after we has passed by.

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