Monday 17 January 2022

Valladolid, day 5

This morning we drove to the nearby Maya archaeological site of Ekʼ Balam. This place is much less busy than Chichen Itza and we were allowed to climb on the ruins.

The Acropolis

Very steep stairs to the top

El Trono 'The Throne'

Oval Palace

The Twins

After Ekʼ Balam we walked two kilometers to Cenote X-Canché.

On the way back to Valladolid we stopped at the town of Temozón.

The standard taxi in Temozón

Back in Valladolid, this is the local supermarket. We shop here for the things we can't find at the market.

A typical side street in Valladolid

The interior of the main church in Valladolid

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