Tuesday 18 January 2022

Valladolid, day 6

The backyard at our Airbnb is practically a botanical garden.

The street into the centre of town from our Airbnb

This old tractor is on display as you drive into Valladolid.

Wherever we go we enjoy visiting the cemeteries. It's an interesting aspect of the local culture.

On the main Street into Valladolid

A new coffee shop for us!

Taking a break

A different looking house on the outskirts of town

A shrine of the Virgin Mary was being escorted by police

Valladolid's water tower

Lots of single speed bikes around town

We had supper in this wonderful garden setting.

1 comment:

  1. Great pics Stan! One of those cemeteries looked like a little town.
    Such lush beautiful places to eat.. nice :) Cool to see the culture off the beaten path. And all the different houses and businesses on the different streets.