Wednesday 19 January 2022

Valladolid, day 7

 We had breakfast here in their garden.

Then we did laundry at our Airbnb. They have a manual washing machine... first you wash in the agitator, then you drain and move the clothes to the spinner.

Random scenes around town

This is a step up from the bicycle version.

Had guacamole & smoothies at this vegan/ vegetarian plsce

Okay, why do they park their VW bugs in such perfect places?

The local mango snack guy... we bought a couple cups a few days ago to add to our salad.

Our favourite coffee shop in Valladolid

We've had a great time here in Valladolid!

1 comment:

  1. More awesome pics! Love this, it feels like we can get a really picture of what it's like to be there 👍
    Blast from the past seeing the old washing machine.
    So colorful. And yes those VW's arecpicture perfect :)