Thursday 6 October 2016

Kovachevitsa, Bulgaria

Kovachevitsa is a designated "Historical and Architectural Reserve" village set in the Rhodope Mountains. The population was around 1,600 in the early 1900's, but now it has maybe 30 full-time residents, many of them running guesthouses. We stayed at Guest House Vesko & Suzi. They have a few guest rooms and a small restaurant in their house.

We spent two nights here. It definitely is off season now - most of the other guesthouses and the few restaurants were locked. We ate breakfast and supper at Vesko & Suzi's, and lunches at "The Pub", the only other open place we could find.

The weather was clear the day we arrived, and cloudy with some rain the next day, but we still managed a hike and to wander every nock and cranny in town.

The village of Kovachevitsa

The guesthouse we stay at

View from our room

Guesthouse restaurant

Around town

Lunch outside at The Pub

Hike to a nearby viewpoint

The only open restaurant in town

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