Wednesday 16 May 2018

Visiting the Chortitza colony - part 1

A Mennonite house built in 1909 in Franzfeld (now part of Nikolaipole). It is currently the home base for a couple from Manitoba who are working with young adult orphans on a demonstration farm.

Former Mennonite Secondary School in Nikolaifeld (now also part of Nikolaipole). The building is still being used as a school.

Former teachers' residence on school grounds

Old barn on school grounds

Former Mennonite church, now used as the school gym.

The village of Neuendorf (now Shirokoye), where my paternal grandparents lived before coming to Canada.

Former village school building, now abandoned

Mennonite house

A former Mennonite house-barn, now used as a storage shed

Mennonite house, still in use

Neuendorf cemetery

A Mennonite headstone in the old Neuendorf cemetery

A drive through Neuendorf

The location of the Chortitza railway station. From here my paternal grandparents left for Canada on June 22, 1923.

The old oak tree in Chortitza. It is in poor condition now.

The former Chortitza girls' school. It is still being used as a school.

The former Chortitza secondary school

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  1. Wow these pics are great. My nana and oma and family also left here and went to Canada in 1923.