Tuesday 15 May 2018

Visiting the Molochna colony - part 2

Victor pointing out an inscription on a Mennonite gravestone at the Ohrloff cemetery

The Heinrich Reimer mansion in Juschanlee, on the site of Johann Cornies' experimental farm.

The mansion is now used as a hospital.

Old windmill ruin at Alexanderkrone

The village of Kuruschan where the Harder orphanage had a farm

Fields in Kuruschan, where the orphanage farm was located

A drive through Grossweide

The site of the former orphanage in Grossweide. A school is now located on the site. When we arrived around 6:30 pm, there were two ladies sitting on the bench. Our guide talked to them, and it turned out that one of them was the principal of the school. They unlocked the school for us and gave us a tour!

The main school building

The woodworking shop

The school museum

In the centre, the lady in charge of the school museum, and to her right, the school principal


The sun was setting by the time we left Grossweide.

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