Sunday 5 January 2020

Querétaro, day 2

The Christmas season is still being celebrated here

We visited the Museo de Calendario (calender museum). The exhibits are housed in a restored 17th-century hacienda. This is one of the inner courtyards.

Tree embrace

Querétaro Cathedral

Interesting door knocker

We have seen wreath shaped cakes for sale around town.  They are known as Rosca de Reyes (ring of the kings) and are traditionally eaten on January 6 during the celebration of Día de Reyes which commemorates the arrival of the three Magi.

We found a cafe that served the cake along with café con leche, which they poured with flare!

Rosca de Reyes cake

Plenty of squares with these well trimmed shade trees

Food stalls in a square

Shoeshine in a park

A Christmas "tree" covered with handwritten wishes.

This one hopes for peace, an iPhone and a laptop!

A view of town with the 18th century Los Arcos aqueduct

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