Thursday 17 August 2017

Around Frankfurt

We stayed in Frankfurt for two days before flying to the Republic of Georgia. The idea was to have some time to get over jetlag before flying another 2 time zones further east to the Republic of Georgia.

Don't misinterpret "time to get over jetlag" as us sitting around and relaxing. I would guess that we walked over 50 km while in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt skyline from the Main river

On the main square of the old town

Construction going on everywhere


View from our hotel room

Cathedral tower

Downtown pedestrian zone

The Eiserner Steg pedestrian bridge

Old and new

We walked to the nearby "village" of Höchst, actually now part of Frankfurt, and had lunch in a very picturesque square.

Our tickets to Tbilisi, Georgia have us leaving Frankfurt at 6:40 pm, flying to Riga, Latvia, one hour to transfer to the next flight, arriving in Tbilisi at 3:40 am ... yay...

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