Thursday 31 August 2017

Travel day to Telavi, Georgia

Today we drove to our next destination, Telavi. We stopped along the way to see a few sights.

First up was a short tour of the Khareba winery tunnels. The winery has approximately 8 km of tunnels that they use to store and age the wine they produce. The tour only takes you in a small section of tunnel, but it's interesting and a welcome escape from the heat.

Tunnel entrance

Winery "museum" in the tunnel

Gardens at the tunnel entrance

Our next stop was the Nekresi Monastery. We sweated our way up the 1.5 km steep road to the monastery in the heat. A couple stray dogs adopted us for the hike up and back.

The road up to the Nekresi Monastery

Nekresi Monastery

View of the tower

On the way back down

Final stop was the Gremi Fortress, dating from the 16th-century.

Gremi fortress from below

The Church of the Archangels

Inside the church

View from the fortress tower

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