Tuesday 29 August 2017

Davit Gareja monastery complex, Georgia

After breakfast we left the Oasis Club and drove to the nearby David Gareja monastery complex. The complex is an area on the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan that consists of about 15 different monastery sites. The monasteries were originally built between the 6th and 10th centuries. Lavra is the only one presently inhabited. On the ridge above Lavra are the caves of the abandoned Udabno monastery. We visited both of Lavra and Udabno today. No tickets, no lines, no tour guides, just explore what you want to see.

Breakfast at the Oasis Club

Looking back at the town

View from the parking lot at the David Gareja monastery complex

Rock slope used to collect rain water

Groove cut into rock to collect water

Inscriptions on top of main entry gate

View of Lavra Monastery from outside the gate

Buildings inside the monastery compound

Cave rooms inside the monastery

View of part of the monastery compound

View of the Lavra Monastery as we hike up to the Udabno caves

Udabno caves just below the ridge

Azerbaijan desert

Cave rooms of Udabno monastery

Walking back down

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