Tuesday 15 August 2017

Flight to Frankfurt, Germany

It's been a while since I've posted we'll see if I still remember how!

We stayed at a hotel in Coquitlam on Sunday night and then on Monday morning drove to a self-storage place in Richmond to drop off our car for three and a half months while we are gone. From there we walked across the bridge and to the Vancouver Airport.

For some unknown reason we weren't able to check in online or at the kiosks at the airport, so we waited over an hour just to get our boarding passes. Then another long wait to get through security. However, boarding was late so in the end all was well. Our flight left at 12:40 pm and arrived in Frankfurt at 7:20 am.

Since we couldn't check into our hotel until 2 pm, we decided to walk from the airport to downtown, and then walked around a good part of downtown. Once we were in our hotel room a nap was exactly what we needed.

Looking forward to a full day of exploring tomorrow.

Walking to the Vancouver Airport

Sunrise off the coast of Europe

Taxiing to our gate at Frankfurt Airport

Along the walk from the airport to town

Coffee break!

Our luxurious accommodations for the next two nights

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