Monday 28 August 2017

Udabno, Georgia

We picked up our rental car this morning. When we first began planning this trip, I was a little worried about how driving in Georgia would work out. We talked to a lady from the USA who had been living and driving in Georgia for a year. She said that you should drive as if there are no rules other than not colliding with someone else. It's similar to walking on a sidewalk, it mostly sorts itself out (although we have seen some crazy stuff already)!

We are planning to go to a cave monastery tomorrow, so decided to stay overnight in nearby Udabno. This was new settlement built by the government in the mid-80s. Most of the houses were constructed of huge pre-cast concrete panels and many are now sitting empty or used as barns. The Soviets loved their concrete; concrete houses, concrete panel fences, concrete apartment buildings.

We stayed at the Oasis Club, a restaurant/hostel/cabins place operated by a Polish couple, complete with free range dogs, cats, pigs, cows, horses, donkeys, etc. The free range part applies to the entire town. I don't know how anyone figures out which animals belong to whom. Except for the cows - they wandered in from the fields and seemed to know which yard was theirs.

On the road to Udabno

Our rental car


A typical street in Udabno

A couple pigs sheltered under an old tractor

Oasis Club

The "cottages" where we stayed

Sitting on our patio 'til the cows come home

Outside of town

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