Wednesday 19 June 2019

Day trip to Voskopojë

This morning we made a day trip to Voskopojë, a small village in the hills approximately 20 kilometres from of Korçë.

But before we left, we went inside the Orthodox cathedral in Korçë. The cathedral was built in 1995 to replace the previous cathedral destroyed by the communist government in 1968.

Voskopojë village

St. Mary's Church

St. John the Baptist's Monastery is a couple kilometers out of the centre so we walked out to it. Here Cindy is demonstrating how narrow the secondary roads are.

On the way to the monastery

The monastery

Church in the monastery

Photography was not allowed inside the church and since we were not alone, I have to resort to using this one off the internet

St. Athanasius' Church

Took this photo through the window because the door was locked

St. Elias church

St. Nicholas church

Lunch at a restaurant in Voskopojë

Supper at a restaurant back in Korçë

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