Sunday 2 June 2019

Travel day to Valbona, Albania

We had planned to do a loop trip from Shkoder in order to hike a well known trail from Valbona to Theth in the Accursed Mountains. Getting to Valbona required a 2 1/2 hour van ride, then a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride on Komani Lake, then another 2 hour van ride to Valbona.

The road to the ferry terminal ends with a tunnel through the mountain that pops out to a very limited parking area right on the lake. This photo is taken from the ferry while it is still landed. Vehicles have to back on as the ferry has only one ramp.

A different ferry leaving the terminal

View of the dam the created Komani Lake

We're on our way

A very spectacular ride

The ferry landing spot

Valbona is just a series of guesthouses and hotels stretched out along the road. The van dropped us of at the road we we walked the last kilometre up the hill to our hotel.

The view from our room

The restaurant at the hotel. This was the only place to eat and we had supper here.

On a walk

Enjoying coffees on the patio

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