Monday 10 June 2019

Travel day to Berat, Albania

This morning we drove approximately 2 hours to Berat, Albania. Along the way we stopped at the city of Elbasan. In the centre of the city are the remains of old fortifications and a number of old buildings.

But before we explored, we had to have our morning coffee at a nearby cafe!

Old fortifications and the clock tower

Fortifications and the new city outside

Saint Mary Orthodox Church

An orange tree in a back yard

The King Mosque

There are street side cafés everywhere

After our exploration of Elbasan, we continued on to Berat, a town with a castle on a hill and several well preserved neighbourhoods of Ottoman style houses.

Part of the castle walls

An old church within the castle

Street scenes within the castle

View of Gorica neighbourhood from the castle

View of the new part of Berat from the castle

Apartment buildings and a sports field

University of Berat, apparently closed last year due to funding cuts

A pedestrian bridge

View of the Mangalem neighbourhood from the restaurant where we had supper.

Exploring the lanes of old Berat

The view from our guesthouse terrace at night

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