Sunday 1 October 2017

Day trip from Alaverdi, Armenia

Today we drove to a number of historic sites in the area around Alaverdi.

The oldest part of St Astvatsatsin Church in Odzun dates from the 5th century with extensive additions in the 8th century

Debed canyon

In the canyon are ruins of Horomayr Monastery, dating from the 12th century

Ardvi Monastery, consisting of two small chapels and a bell tower

Some amazing examples of Armenian khachkars (intricately carved stone memorials) near the monastery

Ruins of the medieval Lori Berd fortress

From the fortress we hiked down into a canyon to this old stone bridge

We then stopped at the nearby town of Stapanavan for a look around and to have some lunch

Had lunch at this nice new restaurant

On the way back to the guesthouse we parked beside the highway and hiked up to the semi-ruined Kobayr Monastery

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