Sunday 15 October 2017

Jermuk, Armenia

We spent two nights in Jermuk, a place known for its mineral water. It was developed as a medical spa town during Soviet times. There still are several sanatoriums in town where you can receive treatments for different "conditions". The only treatments we looked for were fresh air and exercise!

View of Jermuk

On the top of a hill overlooking town

Snow on the mountains not that far away

Colonnade with mineral water of different temperatures to drink for your health

Art displayed

Lots of paths to stroll down

and benches to sit on

and ponds to look at

A soviet hotel and sanatorium overlooking the gorge. Apparently they still have "economy" rooms that don't have hot water.

Abandoned "Palace of Sport"

Fruit, jams, etc for sale

The bridge into town spanning the gorge

View under a natural land bridge


Riverside path

Our hotel


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