Thursday 5 October 2017

Dilijan, Armenia

Dilijan is a resort town, sometimes referred to as the Amenian Switzerland because of the surrounding mountains. We were here for three nights and spent our time wandering around town and visiting several old monasteries nearby.

Views of Dilijan

Some signs of faded glory

The restored Old Dilijan area

A park in town

Old buildings, still occupied, squeezed between unfinished and apparently abandoned new construction

Various homes and residences

Our go-to coffee shop while here

A square in town

We saw these transit buses in a lot of towns in Armenia. No idea how old they are. They are mostly converted to natural gas (the red tanks on top).

Our hotel

Our hotel room

A wet room bathroom - everything gets wet including the toilet seat and most of the floor! These are pretty common here so we bought ourselves a cheap towel just for mopping up after a shower.

Breakfast at the hotel - note the artful arrangement of wieners around the omelette

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