Thursday 12 October 2017

Day trip to Tatev, Armenia

We visited the nearby Tatev Monastery and the village by the same name. To get there you have to cross a massive gorge. A 5.7 km cable car spans the gorge or else you can take the 16 km road that switchbacks down and up the other side. We took the cable car, and then also drove down to the bottom of the gorge for a different point of view.

The day was very foggy so for part of the ride all we could see was the bit of cable we were dangling from.

Cable car station

Disappearing into the mist

View from the cable car

The road snaking through the gorge

Almost at Tatev

Tatev Monastery

The Monastery church


Interior of church

Lighting candles

A mausoleum next to the church

Monastery yard

Old khachkars

Street in the farming village of Tatev

Farm yard

Fountain and water trough

Barn and corn

Cows grazing and lazing

We had lunch at this cafe

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