Monday 27 May 2019

Travel day to Podgorica, Montenegro

Today we drove through to Podgorica, the capital city Montenegro. We made several stops along the way.

The Đurđevića Tara Bridge

View from the bridge

The Tara River, 564 feet below

First WWII memorial of the day

Second WWII memorial of the day

Third WWII memorial of the day (a partially occupied building in Kolašin)

A Tito themed cafe bar in Kolašin

Cindy interacting with the locals

Outside the Morača Monastery gate

The Morača Monastery, a popular medieval Orthodox monastery.

Fourth WWII memorial of the day: The "Fork" monument near Podgorica, commemorating Partisan soldiers who were hung here by German and Chetnik soldiers

Fifth WWII memorial of the day: Piperi Monument on Trijebač Hill

View of Podgorica in the distance

Our apartment building in Podgorica. The yellow building on the left is the Chinese Embassy and our apartment faces their building. We will have to behave ourselves!

Millennium Bridge

Orthodox cathredral

Interior of the cathedral

A fair set up in the middle of town

Interior of the restaurant where we had supper

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