Wednesday 8 May 2019

Sarajevo, day 5

It was a beautiful sunny day today so we decided to hike up to the abandoned 1984 Olympics bobsled run. We had coffee & a treat on a patio nearby, then walked back to town by a diffent route. A most excellent day!

Old building on the way up

Astronomical observatories destroyed during the Bosnian war

The finish line on the bobsled track

Taking a break on the patio

We tried a traditional Bosnian dessert, a walnut stuffed poached apple

World War II monument Park on the way down

Sarajevo's main train station

The Avaz Twist Tower, currently the tallest skyscraper in the former Yugoslavia. We went to a cafe at the top for the views ... the blue glass gave a tint to the following two photos. 

Cool old building

Street scene

Our supper

The main mosque, built in 1530

Art Nouveau building

Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

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