Tuesday 14 May 2019

Travel day to Mostar, BiH

We check out of our apartment in Banja Luka this morning, and drove four and half hours to Mostar. Along the way we stopped at a few interesting places.

Watermills near Jajce

The town of Jajce with its fortress

Waterfalls at Jajce. The rivers in this area are at flood levels after two days of constant heavy rain.

Street scene

The fortress

View from the fortress

Street scene

A WWII monument at top of the pass at Mt Makljen. In 2000 vandals blew up the monument, leaving only the internal structure. The one photo shows what it looked like originally. Snow was blowing around us while we were there!
The Jablanica Bridge was blown up by Tito's Partisans as a strategy to mislead the German troops that were pursuing them. The original bridge remnants are gone; what remains now is a replica bridge built and then destroyed for a 1968 film about the battle.

Our Airbnb in Mostar, BiH


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