Friday 10 May 2019

Travel day to Travnik, BiH

This morning we picked up our rental car (a Dacia Sandero) for the next 76 days of our Balkan adventure. We had a two hour drive to Travnik, and stopped at two interesting WWII memorials along the way. Now we're relaxing in our one night apartment rental.

Picking up our rental car

We stopped in a town just outside of Sarajevo to see a WWII memorial that we had read about. Nearby was this modern style mosque.

WWII memorial

Stairs to the second WWII memorial. This one is in a farmer's field.

Second memorial. I love the non-traditional styles they used for these memorials. We plan to see more of them while in the former Yugoslavia territory.

Museum of Yugoslav author Ivo Andrić in Travnik

Beautiful mosque

Street scene

Houses in the hills around Travnik

Castle overlooking town

View from castle

A divided school. Ethnic Croatians (mostly Catholics) go to school on the right side of the building. Bosnian Muslims go to school on the left side.


Setting sun

Our apartment for the night

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