Monday 8 July 2019

Pristina, day 2

Breakfast at our hotel

This morning we took a bus out to the village of Gračanica, a Serbian enclave since the end of the Kosovo war, and the location of the Gračanica Serbian Orthodox Monastery


This memorial in Gračanica is dedicated to Serb victims missing from the 1998-1999 Kosovo war

Back in Pristina this monument pays tribute to the estimated 20,000 mostly Albanian women who were victims of sexual violence from Serb forces during the Kosovo conflict. Militants from both sides have been indicted for war crimes.

Apartment blocks in Pristina


Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa

An unfinished Serbian Orthodox Church in Pristina

National library

People lining up to get visas for Europe

Clock tower

Open air market

On the main pedestrian street

WWII monument

The Kosovo flag. Interestingly, this flag doesn't show up much, but you see the Albanian flag everywhere. Apparently most of the people in Kosovo would like to join Albania.

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