Thursday 18 July 2019

Travel day to Novi Pazar

We had read about some fortress ruins along our route today. The map showed that there was a trail to the top and it crossed a river along the way. And of course we always follow the map! The bridge did look littles ketchy, missing some deck boards and leaning at a crazy angle, but we were following the map! Made it to the fortress great views. On the way back I took a
picture of the sign next to the bridge. Google Translate comes up with something about "Use of Bridge is Prohibited by the City Inspector". Ignorance is bliss.

Next on our drive we stopped at the Studenica Monastery, founded in the 12th century

Our last stop was the Crna Reka Monastery, built into the side of a cliff

We are staying in Novi Pazar for the next 3 nights. This is our apartment.

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