Thursday 11 July 2019

Prizren, day 2

This morning we walked up to the fortress ruins overlooking Prizren

View of the older area of Prizren


An old stone bridge in the old town

Mosque dating from the 1600s

View from the old clocktower

New apartment buildings

The old town

A Serbian Orthodox Church in the old town. Because religious & cultural buildings of both Albanians and of Serbs were targets in the Kosovo conflict, most Serbian churches in Kosovo are now guarded or closed for visiting. The guard at this church said we could walk around the outside of the church, but no photography. When he found out we were from Canada, he said "photos okay ... Canada is far away". Presumably we are not a threat after all.

Fruit & vegetables being sold outside a mosque

A coffee shop where we hung out quite a bit

Buildings around the square

View over Prizren in the evening

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